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The hack you need for your hard Seasoning cubes

The hack you need for your hard Seasoning cubes

Seasoning cubes to Powdery form 

Knorr cubes and Maggi cubes are both notorious for being too hard to sprinkle in a meal. I have heard people say they go as far as using a small mortar and pestle to ground the seasoning cubes before adding them to their meals. This is really not convenient and can be a time waster. Blending your seasoning cubes into powder is a time-saving and easy hack for your seasoning cubes.  Here is how to; 


  • Unwrap the amount of cubes you decide to use and put in a bowl
  • Put the bowl in a microwave and heat it for 45 seconds to soften the cubes

You could end with this process especially for one time use or you could proceed to 

  • Pouring the soft cubes into a blender and blend it into a fine smooth powder form
  • Get an airtight container, pour the powdered form into it and seal it. Ensure the cap is tight and away from liquid (you do not want your seasoning powder becoming hard again).

For measurement purposes, 

1 teaspoon is equivalent to 1 cube

2 teaspoons are equivalent to 2 cubes

Try this method and let us know how well it worked for you.

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