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How To Make Your Dried Bitter Leaves Soft And Fresh

How To Make Your Dried Bitter Leaves Soft And Fresh

How to make your dried bitter leaves soft and fresh

Nigerian Vegetables like Bitter leaves, Waterleaf, Ugu or Oha leaves are hard to find in its green, fresh state in Canada. You will usually find these vegetables in its dried form in African stores such as

Although these vegetables are preserved by drying them, you can make them soft and fresh again.

The bitter leaves is one that requires adequate rinsing in order to rinse the bitterness away and also to make it soft.


To shave off cooking time for your Bitterleaf, we are sharing these steps of how to wash, soften and store your Bitter leaves for future use :

1. Boil water and pour the hot water over the dried bitter leaves

2. Soak for 10-15 mins then drain the water

3. Wash with cold water until clean and drain the water using a sieve

4. Then, transfer the bitter leaves in a plastic bag and boil for about 30mins

5. Transfer the bitter leaves into a bowl and wait to cool

6. Squeeze  to remove as much water as possible, portion in a ziploc and freeze for future use

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