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Celebrate Valentine's Day with these Easy and Tasty Date Night Meals


Nigerian food in canada for valentines day 2023

Cooking a meal together is a fun activity to do on Valentine’s day. There is something special about preparing a meal together at at home with your partner while your favorite love song plays in the background.

With our-ready-to eat soups and prepared meals,  you don’t have to be a chef to plan a romantic Valentine’s romantic date night and cook with love. We help to shave off some cook time so you can spend more time loving up on your partner in the comfort of your home.


Yam pottage

Yam porridge, called Asaro is a quick and easy meal that is simple and delicious. With our frozen yams, you are able to shave off the time required to peel and wash the Yams. You can even shave off  more time with the ready-to-eat sauce . This meal takes only 30-minutes  and pairs well with a spicy bowl of Asun . With the increasing cost of Yam in Canada, you can substitute yam for Potatoes or plantains if you wish.  Get the recipe from AllNigerian Recipes blog  


 Jollof Rice

You can never go wrong with Jollof Rice! With our Ready-to-eat sauces as the  stew base, you can shave 15-20 mins of the cook time. Jolly rice is bae for any occasion.  It's easy to spice this meal up to  make a restaurant-grade meal at home. Add some salad, grilled meat or turkey paired with a dessert of choice and there you have perfect Valentine's Day dinner.  Get the recipe from Kitchen Butterfly


Ofada rice and sauce

Okay, this is one is a delight!! Enjoy this meal with a glass of ice-cold sweet white wine.  The best part is, you don’t have to spend all the time in the kitchen to cook this because we have done all that for you. With our frozen Ofada sauce, all you need to do is cook the rice, warm the soup and set the table! Our frozen Ofada sauce is mildly spiced and full deboned meat!  Get the recipe from 9jafoodie  



Coconut Jollof Rice - This Coconut rice recipe is  the perfect Valentine’s day dinner when you want something delicious, healthy, flavorful, and satisfying. Instead of dining out, make your loved one this delicious meal to make your date-night at home a super-memorable Valentine's Day dinner recipe. Get the recipe here recipe from 1qfoodplatter



If you and your partner love meat then you need Asun on the menu. You don’t need a recipe because we cooked it for you . All you need is to grab a bowl of frozen Asun from our website, warm in a microwave and cozy up with your partner!  Expect your mind to be blown away. Get the recipe from Immaculate Bites 


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