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Banana Leaves (Uses and Storage Tips)

Banana Leaves (Uses and Storage Tips)

Banana leaves

Banana leaves have many uses. They are used as plates, adds a certain aroma to your food that just makes it taste so much better. They are very flexible, waterproof and large. 

Besides the additional flavour it adds to your food, banana leaves are rich in antioxidants and even though you can’t eat the leaf, the antioxidants are absorbed into the food during cooking. 

It is commonly used in countries like India, Indonesia, Africa and also in the Caribbeans. Hindus use them as decorations in places like weddings, parties and housewarmings. They are also good replacement options for parchment papers, foil and waxed papers. When you grill your food with the leaves, they add a smoky flavour to your dish

List of food items that can be cooked with Banana leaves

  • Moi moi
  • Eko 
  • Ofada rice
  • meat/Chicken/Fish 
  • Baking puddings

How to preserve your banana leaves

  • Store them in the freezer when not in use, it can be frozen for over 6 months and still be very good to use, If you put it in the fridge, it lasts for about a week
  • Make sure you store them in a plastic bag before refrigerating/freezing to avoid dryness

If you are getting your Banana leaves fresh, here are some tips to help you store them

  • Clean leaves with wet paper towel to remove dirts
  • Then dry with a clean paper towel
  • Cut them according to the sizes you plan to use in future
  • Put it in boiling hot water for 30 seconds
  • Remove and carefully lay them on the counter to dry
  • Fold the leaves and put it in a tight bag or ziploc to avoid drying out
  • Then freeze till you are ready to use it.
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