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 Eating healthy is  expensive.  Whether African or Western. African groceries can be pricey for many reasons. The most probable reason is, 100 per cent of all African Foods in North America are imported.

Here are 7 tips for saving on your African groceries

  1. Cook in large amounts and freeze leftovers. Serve enough food for 1-2 meals in each container before freezing
  2. Create a weekly meal plan that uses the same ingredients in different ways. For instance, Plantain can be fried, boiled or grilled on different days of the week.
  3. Eat homemade meals: Eating out or buying foods can increase your food budget.
  4. Get creative with your left-over food: Last night’s dinner makes a great inexpensive lunch for today. You can turn your Rice and stew dinner to a Rice and veggie-rich lunch or Rice and Plantain lunch.
  5. Waste less with smaller servings: To avoid the temptation of serving yourself more, store remaining food in the refrigerator before sitting down for your meal.
  6. Shop online: Most of the time when we're out shopping, we end up buying things compulsively that we don't really need. To shop for your African groceries, you can shop on or via the App “Mychoppers”
  7. Stock upon sale: African groceries in Canada can be expensive because of the cost of transporting here and other associated costs so the best time to save on your African groceries in Canada is when they are on sale. However, you should avoid buying more than you can use in a reasonable amount of time especially for food items with expiry dates. Also, avoid buying an unfamiliar brand for the first time in large quantity just because its on sale to avoid ending up with items you don’t You don't save anything when you're throwing food away.
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