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How to Make Amala in 5 Minutes

How to Make Amala in 5 Minutes

Amala is a popular Nigerian food among the Yorubas and a common food on most party menus in Nigeria and even in some Nigerian parties in Canada.  

Amala is sometimes considered difficult to prepare because of the possibility of being lumpy if not careful but hey, who can’t use a little extra help in the kitchen?  Nobody! So, we will be sharing with you an amazingly fast and easy way to prepare Amala inspired by innovative Nigerian food blogger Matse


Boil water in a Kettle and pour boiled water in a microwave safe bowl

Add your Elubo or Yam flour to the boiled water in the bowl.
Tip: To prevent lumps, make your mixture thick at first before blending nicely


Stir and blend nicely with your spatula or Orogun


Put your mixture into the microwave oven for about 2 minutes.
Tip: Microwave ovens vary, so there might be slight time differences.

Stir Amala with spatula or Orogun


Add water to achieve your desired texture and leave in the oven for another 3minutes to ensure your Amala is completely cooked

Stir and serve


Amala is ready! Now, you can eat with any soup of choice.

Let us know when you try yours. Visit Matse on for more innovative Nigerian food recipes.


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