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Download Mychoppers app for more discounts!
5 Free Grocery Shopping Apps That Can Save You Time and Money

5 Free Grocery Shopping Apps That Can Save You Time and Money

If you love to cook, it’s almost impossible to keep the refrigerator full or the pantry shelves stocked.  Saving money at the grocery store is no easy task, which is exactly why we have put together a list of these 5 apps to help you save time and money on your grocery shopping 

These five free apps will help you save money, keep track of the best deals around and plan out your grocery shopping to get the best bang for every dollar you spend.

Flipp (iOS/Android)

Flipp takes the weekly flyers and puts them on your phone in an app. With Flipp, you can search for flyer deals and coupon by specific products. This makes it easy for you to price match at stores like Walmart, No-frills and or other stores that will price match competitor advertised prices thereby saving you some money .

Why we love Flipp: The app helps you to plan your grocery shopping ahead and discover deals for item on your list. You can also pin selected items to a shopping list in Flipp and add flyers for stores you frequently shop at to your favorites for easy reference. 


PC Plus (iOS, Android, Blackberry)

The PC Plus program gives you offers on the items you buy most at participating stores owned by Loblaw’s.  As a member, you can load and view you offers each week and shop in any of the select stores in Canada. The points you earn can be used for FREE groceries. The PC Plus app makes viewing your offers easy and convenient.

Why we love PC Plus app: You can easily view your offers of the week on items you buy most and load them. You can also see a map of participating stores where you are able to redeem your offers, your points balance, get recipes and create shopping lists.


AnyList  (iOS)

AnyLst is our favorite app for shared grocery lists. With this app, you can group items into categories or sort your list manually. Added items are automatically separated into categories, but can be manually sorted into custom groups. You can mark items as favorites, move or copy between lists, and assign color themes.  AnyList also stores recipes with all required ingredients for your recipe of choice added to your shopping list, printed or shared via email.

Why we love AnyList:  It has the ability to remember past items, display relevant items as you’re typing, and the ability to create lists of favorite or staple items that you can easily add in bulk to your current list. 


Checkout 51

Checkout 51 has plenty of good offers on commonly used household products. You can cash out after $20 is accumulated in your account and they will mail you a cheque.

New offers are listed every Thursday. Check the app for the offers you want to purchase before you head to the store for your grocery shopping. Take a photo of your receipt and upload it to their mobile app or website. Once you hit the $20 mark you can choose to cash out and your cheque will be mailed to you.


Why we love Checkout 51: It’s a cash back app and every dollar counts! They also have offers on commonly used household products

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