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Tigernut Meal + Unripe plantain Swallow ( Imperfect chops)

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Current price $7.99 CAD

Tigernut meal swallow is a blend of tigernut pulp with unripe plantain and Psyllium husk. It is low carb traditional swallow meal. Size is 520 g


Please note that item is fit for consumption. However, the package may have some blemishes and may be wonky making it unfit for sale at the regular price. Hence, the additional 30% plus savings.



Tigernut Pulp, Psyllium husk, unripe plantain flour


Can be used to make fufu, baking and for pancakes

Instruction for fufu

1. Boil a cup of water

2. Reserve about a half cup of boiled water 

3. Turn your stove to medium heat and pour a half cup of the Tigernut meal flour and mix

4. Add some of the reserved water to achieve your desired consistency