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The Dynamic Duo: Ginger and Garlic

The Dynamic Duo: Ginger and Garlic


The Dynamic Duo: Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and garlic are two very famous plants that work excellently together. Not only are they a great addition to the kitchen and your meals, they also have excellent health benefits with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Sometimes peeling garlic and ginger every single time you need them for either cooking purposes or to add to your drink or cup of tea can be a hassle. This is one of the reasons some people stick to using garlic and ginger powder to avoid that stress but if you have ever used fresh garlic and ginger to cook then you’ll know there’s a huge difference. Instead of worrying too much and getting discouraged from using these two ingredients you can create your own ginger and garlic paste to add to your cup of hot tea and also to your Nigerian food; jollof rice, stew and even your zobo drink. Here’s how to make your ginger and garlic paste in as much quantity as you like;


  1. Wash your ginger and garlic, dry completely after washing
  2. Peel your garlic gloves and chop your ginger into small pieces 
  3. Add all ingredients into a blender with an eye ball gage of olive oil and salt
  4. Blend until paste is completely smooth
  5. Scoop into a clean glass jar and store in fridge for longer preservation 

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