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How to dispose used vegetable oil in Canada- Mychopchop #1 online grocery store in Canada

How to dispose of used cooking oil

it's important to properly dispose of your cooking oil after multiple use or from your deep fryer. If you're discarding cooking oil at home, use any of these tips.

  1. Let the oil cool completely, then pour into a non-recyclable container with a lid, and throw it in the garbage. A common non-recyclable container that works well for this are the takeout containers. This method is good for disposing large amounts of oil from your deep fryer.
  2. Freeze or refrigerate the oil first to harden it- Pour the oil in an old can and put it in the freezer. When it solidifies enough to come out of the can in one piece, scoop it out and into the trash with a spoon. This method is good for disposing about 1 litre of oil or less.
  3. Pour completely cooled oil into a partially filled trash bag. If you use plastic kitchen trash bags, it's usually fine to pour a moderate amount of oil into the trash already in the bag; paper towels, food scraps, and other absorbent material help contain the oil so you don't have a pool of it waiting to break out of the bottom of the bag. This method is good if you are disposing tiny amount of oil from your frying pan.


Cooking Oil Disposal Don'ts

  • Don't pour oil down the drain or in the toilet. It can clog not only your pipes but also the city sewer mains. As the oil cools, it solidifies and could clog sewer pipes in your home and in the city/Region sewer pipes.
  • Don't add oil to a septic system. It can clog pipes and, worse, your distribution lines and drainage field and eventually cause sewer backups in the floor, toilet and shower.
  • Don't pour hot oil into the trash. 
It's wise to also check your city’s website to see if they have any recommendations or regulations about disposing of oil.
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