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Free gift on order $85+

SOC Millet Guineacorn- 320g

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SOC Guineacorn pap is made from fermented Guineacorn. It contains no artificial additives, no extra sugar,  and no preservatives! It is made from 100% natural ingredients.

The ginger variant contains some ginger for a bit of spiciness and flavour.

SOC Guineacorn pap is a great breakfast cereal for everyone. A great choice for lactating moms and babies too. Start your day right with this nutritious cereal! 

This product is available in 2 variants. Plain and with Ginger. Click the arrow to select the option you desire.


Guineacorn, Ginger and Water


How to Prepare
  1. Wash your hands and utensils thoroughly
  2. Boil water at 80 degree
  3. Mix the desired amount of Guineacorn porridge with a bit of water in a clean bowl, then add the boiling water to the mixture till it thickens
  4. Add Milk, Sugar/Honey to taste.
  5. Enjoy with Akara, moimoi, pepper soup or any meal of choice.